"To hear 'DadA' come from a baby's lips is a thrill no parent can fully describe"

"I will always remember that special moment. Yes! Zukanican truly is a special gift".

The neighbourhood children are now having a fiesta. We can hear their excited voices crying out: "Dale! Dale! Dale!" (Hit it! Hit it! Hit it!). Their local wrestling hero Domino Nagasaki is only too happy to oblige. The treasures that spill out of the phantom piñata fall back and become an offering to Zukanican, their Gods of Sun and War.

It is in their solar sonar temple in Liverpool that zUKANICAN have refined and perfected their tools of soul reversal. Zukanican as an extension of the ever Living, ever growing Brain (collective) play out in the at9omic heat of their post-industrial pyramid/prism of sound utilising the corrugated iron roof and the metal pipes as spiritual communication device.

Thanks to Zukanican, the twinkle in the pineal gland of The Living Brain, my ordinary suburban neighbourhood has been endowed/infested with a kind of magic!


Walking along the ridge of a tall mountain the young boys feel confident that threat of ambush has passed. At this point three stealth warrior pods levitate to eye-level and spray their lethal gas on the apparently unsuspecting youths. One of the boys drops his stick and presses his forefingers to the temples of his brother. In seconds the two are miles away, surrounded by people from the next village. No-one seems to realise how close the two have come to being dusted and, while peanut butter pancakes are being made, the zukanicans fade to a less tired section of the brain.

Only the years of drug management to follow will unlock them from green-soaked cerebral. As THE LIVING BRAIN fires up its main thrusters we lose a couple trying to light their ire in the after-burn. guitarists both, and testiment to the little known fact that these 6-string objects can cause a lot of harm to the owner - and i don't mean when some moody drummer wraps one around the user's head in a bid to drag the subject away from his crack-like, obsessive disorder (which is to recognise a vocation in this art of twang). With no front man, no back man and an intergalactic cruiser to navigate through eons of space, the two remaining BRAINS have no real plan other than continued enjoyment of the on-board refreshment and views of passing stars.
Freed from the retraints of the utterly conventional space-hopper, this cruiser looks as no other can. It has no retro/futro style and no add-ons to cause drag when breaching atmospheres. On auto it may travel for years before finding the mother ship and in the mean time all aboard will have dimensions shifted into mosaic waves capable of soothing the deepest past-life trauma. During such an occurence, somewhere in LIVERPOOL, one of the young boys from the mountain saga pauses to take in his surroundings; his brother's not there and he is feeling a predominence of bass. New faces blowing into things and hands bending waves to a shriek, generate pulse after pulse, ever accelerating the momentum. Little did he know that when he'd nourished on those crepes a la sunpat and drifted away to the sound of wind and chatter, the ZUKANICANS found themselves a new dwelling in which to rule. Now unleashed in full force they bend and morph through the veins, encouraging the host's outermost points to vibrate, and generate yet more reasons to administer herbs when all is done and the spectators re-join the herd.
James PagellaHarry SumnallTom Sumnall
Phil Lucking
Ray Dickaty

James Pagella is the preening, percussionist of this avian world performing stratospherical rolls and loops through the sonic forest canopy for the hypgnotic pleasure of the mesmerised throng. He will then proceed to spread his wings and sway his head to and fro, fanning his crest and emitting from his ivory hands high-pitched electric shrieks. James will then snap a suitable branch from a track, trap it with the pedal at his foot and begin tapping on a whole other trunk of funk, thus surfing the lava slide out of the elephantine and deeper into dark incontinence.

Cosmic slopping out blues are now coursing through the troughs and funnels gouged out by the heavy metal spider funk released by Tom Sumnall's trusty hunting bass. Bromide high rhythm rivulets race each other across the burning prison van's safety glass, sketching out the Spanish trumpeter Phil Lucking's contorted visage.

In the temple of The Living Brain power grows as Dr. Harry Sumnall becomes adept at copying almost any sound they hear - including barking dogs, burglar alarms, the blows of an axe, and even camera motor drives! But this does not mean the machinations of Zukanican are without an order or a pattern. The Zuk like other creatures make sounds to attract the opposite sex, for orientation, as a defence against enemies and for general communication and imitation.

Flashing their courting code a female cues in on the timing of the flashes and responds with a 'Here I am' flash at the interval appropriate to her species. The male playa recognises her silent invitation and flies to her on the divine wind of one of Ray Dickaty's too pure interventions

Lacking vocal chords how does the Zukanican make sound? Where one Zukoid might 'grunt, cluck and bark' then repeat the performance precisely another might 'click and snap' then do a 'scrape and rasp' for an encore.

Some cult members employ muscles attached to the walls of balloon like bladders, vibrating the walls until their bladders resonate like drums. Other Zuk colonists gnash their teeth or open and close their eyes with a distinct thud or clap. Is all this just meaningless "chatter"?

Apparently not!
True to their word these honey guides with their distinctive sour kraut whine will lead badger-like members of the city's nocturnal fraternities towards the spirit of the beehive. You can almost hear the band's chattels cry out 'Honey is near!' before locating the puissance of the song and clawing open its trunk to indulge their sweet tooth

In addition to a phenomenal variety of sounds the Zuk live performance also includes gestures, attention-grabbing colours, flashing lights and complex scents.

LISTEN TO THE ZUK!!! click below to hear some selections.....

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Ringa Roga (from Horse Republic)
Zukan (forthcoming on Oof! Records)
Thingyo (from Horse Republic )
Where Are The Casualties? (from Horse Republic)
Trawling For Horses (from Horse Republic)
Leak Winks (from Horse Republic)
Shake Hands! (from Horse Republic)
S.O.M.B (from E 5number)
Medallion (from E 5number)
Moonstew (from E 5number)
YYY Donkeys (from None Jazz)
Dust From A Goose (from E 5number)
Exhaust Traumathon (unreleased)
Blutopia (from None Jazz)
Lack Of Signage (from E 5number)

Horse RepublicE 5numberJarrNone JazzAstral Zuk Fodder

Zukanican releases

Horse Republic (2006) Pickled Egg Records

Zukan (Jan 2006) Oof! Records

Astral Zuk Fodder (2005) Medical Records

E 5number (2004) Pickled Egg Records

Jarr (2004) Medical Records

None Jazz (2003) Medical Records

all available from The Living Brain shop

The hard sell.

Jump Ship Rat Dec2001


Sun 01 July
The Projection Gallery, Roscoe Street ,


Jump Ship Rat Dec2001


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