Explorations in Geometry
The sketch below shows an easy way to construct The Rhombus of Doom.

Our understanding of RoD.....

RoD was formed in 2000 when Lee Webster and Ged Lynn decided to form a combo that reflected their musical tastes and aspirations. LW had returned from exile in Wales with a batch of disturbing instrumentals and GL was ready to contribute again after The Living Brain had run its beautiful course.
The pair first met in 1990 when LW and Barry Sutton (genius!) were playing together in the-very-tremendous-Froth (a psychedelic group of some note formed in reaction to ex-bands Walkingseeds and La's) and collaborated on various projects on and off including the aforementioned Froth, Kung Fu and The Living Brain etc.

Lee Webster

Profile of Webster: opinionated, objectionable, hypocritical, sweet, friendly, judgemental, manipulative. Loves: girls, pet rescue, Son House. Plays: gtr, harmonica etc.


Ged Lynn

Profile of Lynn: funny, idiosyncratic, talented, propensity to consume. Boss gtr player. Vox.


As luck would have it, GL was able to recruit his cousin Paul Deus to RoD to play drums and his pal Mark Degnan playing bass.........

Paul Deus

Profile of Deus: good time Charlie with 20 year old kit. Big head, small body.


Mark Degan

Profile of Degan: elder statesman - quiet Phil Mitchell type, non-confrontational, dedicated.


Haiku to pie chips and gravy:

Chips and
Gravy eat
Long mouthful
Full belly

To date, the band has a CD of material that has been critically acclaimed (Medical Records 005). Check out the The Living Brain website for more info about merchandise - copies of eponymous 1st LP for Magneto records are changing hands for silly prices.

Review of RHOMBUS OF DOOM @ Oxford Brookes University 26/6/03

A beautiful evening in June saw this reporter looking forward to an evening of mayhem and psychosis amongst the dreamy spires of Oxford as three of his favourite bands hit town. Many words have been written about the Coral and the Basement. Tonight they were truly exceptional. Our attention turns instead to Rhombus of Doom.

At full strength, RoD are a four piece band but tonight they played with three as bass player Degnan was ill. Guitarist Webster filled in, and I was interested to see what effect this would have on the RoD cacophony as the band's sound is characterised by the interplay between Lynn and Webster that varies from self-indulgent to inspiring.

The band opened with a spirited rendition of HoC, which is, I guess, their most commercial cut. The audience reacted quite badly; the majority seemingly not weaned on mad time signatures, um-bongo drumming and cryptic lyrics. Somehow, the guitar of Lynn worked especially well on this track; the sparse lines were complemented by the rhythm section to give a hypnotic and menacing feel that built slowly to a hostile crescendo. Lynn is quite simply one of the best guitarists I have ever seen; his intensity here was mirrored by the subtlety of his spastic fingerpicking in next song Masonry Paint which is a sort of weird country tune (really? -Ed.) incorporating walking bass and tender drumming from Deus. Imagine if Mississippi John Hurt had joined the Fall or if Andy Partridge played in Crazy Horse.
The theme was continued for the next two tunes; the esoteric went cubic during T/shift, and during DoM the difficult became challenging as the group became more confident and the Coral's audience suddenly began to understand. The tension mounted through the set as RoD left tangled musical strands unresolved, until finally they threw in the kitchen sink during seven-minute instrumental Schpeed. Your man Lynn reminded us again of his psyche credentials, while Webster and Deus kicked the shit out of it. What a way to finish a set.

I love trios (think of your own favourites) but I love fours more. If you get the chance - go and see this band. Sharon "sicknote" Degnan is on the mend and the full Doom thing is relentless. Basically, this band are never going to big but if you dig the Coral/Beefheart/Can thang you will have this.

Des Walker ~ T.W.A.T.W.O.W. fanzine (June2003)

Review of RHOMBUS OF DOOM @ FRATPARTY/HeeBeeGeeBees/Liverpool 23/01/03

In seems like only 6 months ago since I reviewed RoD for this publication. At that time, I understood the group's music and could categorise it easily. I still can - the boys are psychedelic; a sort of not-what-you-think-psychedelia but out there all the same. Tonight, Paul Deus had enlisted local-boy-done-good Bill Ryder-Jones from The Coral to play guitar with his hero local-boy-done-all-kinds Ged Lynn with RoD (incorporating local-boy-ate-all-pies Mark Degnan etc) because local-boy-with-a-cob-on Lee Webster was tied up talking to Venture Capitalists elsewhere (I've seen Webster since- he ate all the pies.- Ed.).
So how was it? . The presence of Bill meant a bigger-than-usual crowd of enthusiasts, who enjoyed an ever-expanding line-up featuring new-member-and-Gerry-Rafferty-lookalike (I mean soundalike)-Ozzy on saxophone and the-thinking- musician's-Liberace Ian Jones (borrowed from Zukanican) on extra drums. Musically, they were boss. The party atmosphere and accomplished din-osity of the boys (RnB /DoM /11/9) blended with the poptastic-ness of new tunes Album Track and Life Today which were sandwiched between crowd favourites House of Commons and Schpeed. As expected, Bill incorporated guitar solos of great beauty and strength into the proceedings and made it looked easy while Lynn made guitar playing look really hard. Powerhouse duo Deus and Degnan laid down a solid foundation and showed that cuddly mutual respect vibe that you sometimes see with proper musicians while the horn added a certain sheen of commerciality to the proceedings (I don't agree with this. He sounds like Laura Logic after a sex change - Ed).
To summarize - the RoD musical collective goes from strength to strength. The hometown audience knew what to expect and they got chord replacement therapy of the highest order. The joy of this type of thang is that it is literally hit and miss; you can't push boundaries without breaking eggs and if you want safe then go and watch something suitable. The measure of the band is that its members are now doing the best music of their (long) lives and don't appear to be compromising. Better still, this collaboration (plus others e.g. Ged Lynn's astonishing contribution to Migraine with the Coral recently, sim. McCabe and Gary.Bandit at other shows) bear testimony to the fact that the scene in Liverpool is healthy.

Memo to Groups: integrity is its own reward, but then so is compromise. Do it at your peril but expect an ugly result. When people see yr baby - they won't say its ugly until its too late.

Des Walker ~ T.W.A.T.W.O.W. fanzine (Feb 2004)


Presently, the boys are writing new material for concept LP Zero Zen, supporting The Coral and moving forward the Liverpool scene as part of The Kif kollective (T.W.A.T.W.O.W.).


Click here for a recent interview with the Rhombus - boy they give good quotes!



Fri 28th November - Leeds Uni
Sat 29th
November - Sheffield Octagon
Sun 30th
November - Birmingham Academy

Leeds University 28.11.03

Check it out the music......

House of Commons


A Decade of Madness

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