Before the first chicken and first egg were placed on opposing ends of the unknown earth and some time after the last colony of aliens left us for lighter clime we, as a species, discovered something that had once been lost somewhere in our infinite journey through the stars. An essential part of culture now, humans have only recently felt sonic pulse and tone consciously.

Two calves ate 'shroom spread plentiful throughout the parts and I do not believe, by accident. Suitably changed they heard the stream in a different manner. It soothed ears in a way that lifted spirits beyond known capacity, and as cud lifted from fresh-rinsed mouths ears were deafened by its depositing on the stream bed. The water now gave more than its life force as the subtle noise changes when they drank were firstly enjoyed and later understood as language. Its development through time became an entertaining pursuit for our friends and as years unwound the couple decided to share their secret with a passing colony of hermaphrodite annelids. Familiar with the fungus they made links to the games with ease. Taut ear drums receiving minute signals; their bodies rippled with pleasure at the resonating, slow-moving worms through virgin soil. Inter 'special' dialogue gave other nomadic animals the chance to put their twist on the sacred game of cow and so, music was born.
Meanwhile, man and woman began to leave their mark and as tribes and factions scattered on a vast diaspora, so to their level of understanding for each other spread thin. They communicated in many dialects but had no way to transmit feeling. As a result wars had been fought for millennia as we grappled for power and domination over our piers. Chieftain of one of the warring factions hosted council to the other strong contenders and, on the ill advice of her shaman, executed one of the calves. The elders were taken higher as they drank the blood and feasted on the saturated flesh until, in pools of their own bile, they passed to deep and troubled sleep. The shaman, with ruptured lungs, drowned by his own blood as his arteries pumped hallucinogenic cells into his breathing apparatus. The gathered men and women awoke with new found sensory perception. With no guide, and the orgy still pulsing heartbeats, a twisted world order was set in place before brunch. No insight had been made however and the new-born brain skills were put back to work in the drudgery of material gain, power and envy. A dominating force they became, but merely as a "bigger" incarnation of their past inadequacy. Different in no other way.
The remaining calf fled to the surrounding hills where she grew old fast and soon fed what had sustained her through the thousand years of change she had glanced on and slept through. Others had witnessed the blood-letting but abstained from participation. Knowing there would be an earthly connection to this bovine magic it was not long before these to felt the world in new colours. Peacefully nourishing, the new collective bore a knowledge on a plane with the cows and delighted their senses with nature and, essentially - music.
These who had found what the earth had to offer without afflicting premature death developed their skills and are directly responsible for the sustenance of music as an organism. The feasted tribe were signing contracts in the spilt blood before the ground could take payment and are directly responsible for what else is left and most of what is muck-spread on the burnt new earth.