THE LIVING BRAIN were based in Liverpool - the home of 1001 bands. The Brain were out on a limb because they rejected the city's musical past, which at times they found to be a lonely treehouse.

The music produced by the band mutated and shifted pretty severely over the decades, but could best be described as an extension of that old favourite BRITISH PSYCHEDELIA.

From their beginnings an acoustic-fuelled duo GED LYNN and LARS GABEL shaped THE LIVING BRAIN into a five-headed wonder monster of beat until in late 2000 the ships hold couldn't take any more.....a slightly pathetic explosion resulted in the formation of four sub-species, each with their own thinking cap and set of limbs.






But what became of THE LIVING BRAIN? Having reached such proportions THE BRAIN took on a sentinel role, watching over its offspring, rueing every missed opportunity of Rock, waiting and waiting...........................................

Ged Lynn James PagellaMatt Lord Tom Sumnall Lars Gabel

The band liked nothing better than to be locked (for security reasons) in their praccy room playing to the audience of a single tape player. This means there is an extensive back catalogue of THE LIVING BRAIN:

Get Serious'97 (1997) - contributed 2 track to this album featuring artists from Merseyside.

Life Sentence on Planet Earth (1999) - the legendary 18 track archive compliation from 1996-1999, released on MEDICAL RECORDS.

Bad Present Day (2000) - explosion was imminent, but not before this lovingly-crafted THING was let out.....(Medical Records)

"Back to the Sixties on first track evidence; workaday sing song, roughed up guitars. But then, oh joy, a spiralling sonic descent into odball territory hitherto purveyed by Half Man Half Biscuit and Ukrainian day Wedding Present. Spurts of screaming hard strumming; hide and seek riffing, skittering beats and harmonies ghosting through whenever. From strange to story and in and out the workout workshop. A rough edged diamond (truly) deserving of a residency next time you fill your room with mates and smoke....."

INK - NOVEMBER 2000 review of Bad Present Day

This freeform psychedelic rock mixes elements of blues guitar, jazz drum fills and vocals reminiscent of Ocean Colour Scene (?!), creating an energetic and uplifting hybrid of styles. Boldly claiming to have rejected the 'lonely treehouse' of Liverpool's rich pop music heritage, The Living Brain reap the rewards by finding their own unique sound. From the mental schizophrenia of the instrumental oddity, B/W Film Archive to the peculiar dirge-like funeral march swing of Paranoia Room, originality shines through with every twisted beat. Bad Present Day is the undoubted highlight, showcasing some remarkably skilled guitar soloing over the constant upbeat rhythm. The mass of sound-a-like Indie bands would do well to follow LB's example, and at least try to be the slightest bit original.

PEOPLESOUND.COM - JANUARY 2001 review of Bad Present Day

I was disapointed after my first glance to find that The Living Brain aren't actually called "The Living Brian". This scouse combo fuses Beefheart blues forms and offside observation into a disorientating singularity.

Ptolemaic Terrascope - FEBRUARY 2002

The Living Brain's music was so freaked, it was quite seriously beyond belief (Syd Barrett would think they're completely nutz)! - AUGUST 2002

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______ (Bad Present Day)

Animals Not Well (Life Sentence on Planet Earth)

Brown Sorcery (Life Sentence on Planet Earth)

Bad Present Day (Bad Present Day)

Bland Planet (Life Sentence on Planet Earth)

Burnout 2000 (Life Sentence on Planet Earth)

B/W Film Archive (Bad Present Day)

Come and Hate (Bad Present Day)

Fence (Life Sentence on Planet Earth)

It Was Good To Sign On (Bad Present Day)

Shit Town (Life Sentence on Planet Earth)

SloKnife (Life Sentence on Planet Earth)

Storks (Bad Present Day)

The Paranoid Room (Life Sentence on Planet Earth)

The Sledging Breakbeat (Bad Present Day)